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Rtn Gautam Chande
Past President2021-2022
Rtn Manoj Patel Dr
Past President2020-2021
Rtn Samapti Patel
Past President2019-2020
Rtn Anand Gupta Dr
Past President2018-2019
Rtn Harmindar Singh Patheja
Past President2017-2018

Rtn Aslam Merchant
Past President2016-2017
Rtn Shirish Rege
Past President2015-2016
Rtn Mohan Joshi
Past President2014-2015
Rtn Krishna Kejriwal
Past President2013-2014
Rtn Ashok Deorah
Past President2012-2013

Rtn Arvind Shah
Past President2011-2012
Rtn Firdosh Karachiwala
Past President2010-2011
Rtn Nandlal Chawla
Past President2009-2010
Rtn Sukhdev Puri
Past President2008-2009
Rtn Kumar Hansraj
Past President2007-2008

Rtn Anil Ganu
Past President2006-2007
Rtn Hasmukh Lathia
Past President2005-2006
Rtn Robin Nath
Past President2004-2005
Rtn Saroj Rao
Past President2003-2004
Rtn Chandramohan Saigal
Past President2002-2003

Rtn Rajendra Ruia
Past President2001-2002
Rtn Prakash Shah
Past President2000-2001
Rtn Dr Fali Driver
Past President1999-2000
Rtn Chittu Narsey
Past President1998-1999
Rtn Maya Bhatt
Past President1997-1998

Rtn K C R Raja
Past President1996-1997
Rtn Firoze Dorabshaw
Past President1995-1996
Rtn Shubhashis Bhattacharyya
Past President1994-1995
Rtn Dr Tushar Shah
Past President1993-1994
Rtn A M Banerjee
Past President1992-1993

Rtn Uday Chande
Past President1991-1992
Rtn Suresh Jasani
Past President1990-1991
Rtn Dr Girish Mathur
Past President1989-1990
Rtn Ashok Khemlani
Past President1988-1989
Rtn Dr Keki Hathi
Past President1987-1988

Rtn Dr Krishnakant Bhargava
Past President1986-1987
Rtn Anand Sachdev
Past President1985-1986
Rtn Ramdas Chandavarkar
Past President1984-1985
Rtn Ramesh Dalal
Past President1983-1984
Rtn Yasin Vazirali
Past President1983-1984

Rtn Vasu Chabria
Past President1982-1983
Rtn Vasant Kalbag
Past President1981-1982
Rtn Rasik Parekh
Past President1980-1981
Rtn Dwirek Raj
Past President1979-1980
Rtn Ramesh Oza
Past President1978-1979

Rtn Dr Rajendra Vyas
Past President1977-1978
Rtn N Sippy Rao
Past President1976-1977
Rtn Shashi Walawalkar
Past President1975-1976
Rtn Dr Dinshaw Sorabjee
Past President1974-1975
Rtn Dr Gordhanbhai Patel
Past President1973-1974

Rtn Bansi Mody
Past President1972-1973
Rtn G G Gadgil
Past President1971-1972
Rtn Ramesh Dalal
Past President1970-1971
Rtn M R Bhatt
Past President1969-1970
Rtn S V Sathaye
Past President1968-1969

Rtn G R S Rao
Past President1967-1968
Rtn Chatrubhuj Thacker
Past President1966-1967
Rtn Dr Mohanbhai Patel
Past President1965-1966
Rtn Loku Char
Past President1964-1965
Rtn Suresh Oza
Past President1963-1964

Rtn R Y Apte
Past President1962-1963
Rtn Dr R K Trivedi
Past President1961-1962
Rtn D M Trivedi
Past President1960-1961
Rtn P V Mehta
Past President1959-1960
Rtn D m Desai
Past President1958-1959

Rtn P M Chauhan
Past President1957-1958
Rtn P Popatlal
Past President1956-1957
Rtn G C Banerjee
Past President1956-1957
Rtn P G Shah
Past President1955-1956
Rtn P G Shah
Past President1954-1955